1.  Who is a Wedding Planner?

Wedding planner, or a wedding consultant, is a profession and service existing to help you and support you with organizing Your wedding.
Expert in the the wedding market, knows and keeps track of trends, has experience- to suggest the best proven solutions, to relieve you and your family from organizational duties on the wedding day.

2. Do I need to use all the services?

Not at all – during the first meeting we discuss your expectations, plans and define the areas where you actually need my help.

3. When should I come to you?

As early as possible-I can help with the organisation of the engagement, the bachelorette patrty stay night.

4. Are you organising international weddings ?

Yes – please view my Portfolio.

5.  Can you arrange outdoor weddings?

Yes – please view my Portfolio.

6. I have concerns of the Wedding Planner to interfere in my vision of the wedding – what assurance do I have that it does not happen?

Working with an experienced wedding planner guarantees realization of your dreams-not wedding planners’.

7.  Why would I hire a Wedding Planner?

You save time and gain experience, you save nerves and money.

8. Please give me an example of a service which I can use?

Search for dreamt venue, find and print (possibly create from the draft) personalized invitations, menu, support with selection of wedding cake, assist in your choice of music, propose some decorations, flowers, the first dance-selection and instructor, photo and video services, choice of leading theme or colour and many others.

9. How much will it cost?

Depending on scope of my services-fixed individually based on our findings which we define on our preliminary meeting.

10. Do you operate only in southern Poland?

Yes, focus on this area causes a excellent expertise of the local market.