A head full of ideas, a volcano of energy, perfectionist, fully committed, natural organiser… so they say about me: colleagues, friends and young Couples whom I helped in the organization and coordination of events.

I am often asked why I have choosen such profession of a Wedding Planner? Well, it all started with the Personal Development classes in high school in the United States. One of the tasks, was to plan my own wedding. Starting from an organization, site selection, styling, guests list, the first dance and the climate/color theme. I spent a lot of amusing time on this task, a lot of dedicated and enjoyable effort – searching for trends, news and wedding fashion. In that moment I felt that this is something that I would like to do professionally in the future.

I graduated University of Economics-master in Accounting and also postgraduate studies in Project Management, courses of: calligraphy, savoir faire, ballroom dancing, public speaking and many other. Activities that I undertake are aimed to increase my competences to be able to carry out Your desires and visions. I participate in recurring meetings for entrepreneurs and cooperate with many companies in the southern Polish, to have the best abilities to respond to Your demands. I do not impose on Couples any restrictions, I do not limit offerings-I’m looking for your satisfaction, giving proposals for solutions you will approve doubtlessly. I am pursuing that the day after, and even 20 years later, with a smile and a positive emotion you will and recall Your ceremony… and answer to question “if there is anything you will do differently that Day?”
– No, it was Ideal!

Ideal Wedding