Joanna and Javier

J&J3Asia and Javier: a wonderful Polish-Spanish couple. She is from Carcow, he is a hot-blooded Spanish. An explosive mixture.
Asia during our first conversation told me, that she always dreamed of an outdoor ceremony.
At the moment in time when we spoke- the legislative Act allowing outdoor ceremonies was already postponed several times, but eventually had to be signed off in March, and the wedding was to take place in May. Another dream of Asia was the wedding in May with grain, poppy seed and beautiful climate, of spring meadows.
It made me extremly happy to take up such challenge-both time and place.
My help included the complex organization of wedding ceremony and reception. The couple lives and works in the UK, so we have organized everything remotely by email and Skype.
Things which I find to be a great success:
-Finding a place that meets the requirements, delights all the guests and made a neat place for photoshooting (it worked!)
-Great spanish-speaking DJ playing together with jazz band
-Ideal ballroom set-up (sitting plan, sweet table, table with accessories where Guests could fix themselves favourite drinks: both polish and spanish) beatiful lights, Couples logotype, flower arrangements and full decorations… and I could go on and on…
-Food and Drinks: tasty combination of Spanish and Polish cuisine.
All together everything phenomenally played along: poppies, anemones, grain, green grass, blue sky and in the background the Venue-which lift this gauntlet
This all could happened thanks to the sincere and open cooperation with Asia and Javier, reliable sworn translators (Martyna and Gosia – thank you), creative florists (Kamila and Alice), printing (until the last moment) Print House and photographers (Dominika), exposure and lighting (Przemek).
I would like to Thank You all for the effort –  it paid off!